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What a weekend. But first I have to tell you something: This blog will from now on be written mainly in English, because Ani and Elina, our cute Finnish girls, want to know what’s going on. And it’s much easier than always having to tell each story twice. Besides, this is a blog about Dublin, so it would be very strange if it was in German.

Well, about our new flat mates. First, we were thinking we would have to live with an Italian couple. But obviously the Italian couple didn’t want to live with us (Karma?) and so they got into another apartment. That’s why yesterday just one Italian guy arrived. His name is Marco and actually he’s quite nice, but his English is so incredibly bad.

Eva: “Hey Marco, how was your evening?”
Marco: “Yes.”

Larissa: “Yes we know that the bin is broken. We will buy a new one.”
Marco: “But Alberto arrive 12 o’clock.”

Kartoffelboy: “Would you like a beer?”
Marco: “Me arrive here today.”

We have no idea how we are supposed to communicate with this person. But okay. Maybe we will have to draw stickmen on the walls of our apartment, just like the cavemen.
But he fixed our “chair of doom”. (I will tell you more about that later on)

When Alberto ( the Italian landlord-intern) brought Marco, he told us that there would arrive another guy today in the morning. He is supposed to be German. Larissa and I fear the worst. (I am writing this at half past eleven.) I bet he is fat and ugly and disgusting and smells very bad and farts in public.
But let’s see.

On Saturday the German boys and I decided to visit Kilmainham Gaol, a very important part of Ireland’s history. It’s an old jail where all the leaders of the Irish riots (War of Independence and another war whose name I forgot) were imprisoned and executed. The guided tour was very interesting and although I tried very hard, I already forgot most of the things the guide told us. (Just like after my Abitur haha) And it was so incredibly cold. Poor prisoners.
After that I had to go to Penney’s (again) and then we went to your apartment to watch the rugby match Ireland – South Africa. South Africa won. Ireland don’t care, Ireland gets drunk anyway.
After that, we started to play drinking games. First “I have never” but then we ran out of interesting (sex- and crime-related) questions, so we started to play this card game. Maybe you know it, every card means something, for example at 8, you have to throw your hands in the air and the last one who does it, drinks.
Then, something about 10 o’clock we got visited by some Russian people. Thorsten, the guy who lives in that area where they burn cars and stuff, is sharing his apartment with a Russian guy, and this Russian guy brought a couple a friends with him. Except Thorsten’s flat mate those Russians were really cute and didn’t seem like communistic villains. One of them, a 19 year old boy, was so incredibly cute and adorable that Larissa and I decided to keep him. He would get a blanket next to the couch and on nice sunny days we would take him for a walk to the park.
I know that all of you have to be very curious about our chair of doom. NOT.
The chair of doom is a leftover of your True-American party. Somehow, the backrest became a little bit loose. But we didn’t think about it, because fuck you crappy chair.
And during our little not-party we ran out of seating accommodations and so Thorsten had so sit on the chair of doom. At this point I have to mention that Thorsten already destroyed our bin (accidentally of course) and he was quite drunk. A few hours later he fell asleep in Larissa’s bed. Don’t you think that sleeping men look so much cuter than they do when awake? We do.
But back to the chair of doom. Thorsten was sitting on this chair and suddenly, he started to move ground wards, very very slowly. You should have seen his face, we died laughing. This expression of surprise and confusion and a little bit anger. So funny.  That’s how our chair slowly broke into two pieces, the seat and the backrest.
Today in the morning we tried to fix it with transparent tape, so no one would notice it’s damaged. Worked pretty well, you just mustn’t sit on. Unless you want to happen the same thing to you that happened to Thorsten.

We are so happy when we came back from the Temple Bar Book Market we met him the first time and he is not disgusting nor does he smell bad. He actually smells very good :D His name is Jannick. That’s all we know about him. And his part of the fridge is occupied by a few slices ham and cheese and 8 cans Guinness. Nice :D

Have a nice evening

11.11.12 18:59

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Elina (12.11.12 20:34)
Aaarrgghh, you guys! This entry makes me miss you and Dublin and our stupid flat even more. :'D But ahahahhahaha about the Italian couple. :DDDDDDD I hope for your sake that the boys will behave and that they are clean.

Elina (12.11.12 20:37)
PS. I still think you should have the sex noise -jar... ;D

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