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Brace yourselves

Aaaand here comes another post written in English. Because two months. I could say “how time flies”, but that’s not exactly true because time is passing perfectly fine. Not too fast, but not too slow either.
In the aftermath it feels like I saw nothing of Dublin although I am doing stupid tourist stuff almost every weekend
The internship turned out to be very nice, but Emma has been a bit stressed recently, so her colleague from the Sales-department is supervising me now. Doing Sales-stuff is not what I’d like to spend my life with but for the moment it’s fine. Knowing how to advertise a company and having skills for web administration will look good in my CV as well. Working at this hotel is amazing, the people are very busy but they are always free to gossip when you meet them in the bathroom :D And they are so helpful, for example everytime when I’m not sure if I can take a huge, toddler-sized stuffed animal with me to Germany, the entire Human-Resources-Department is giving me advice. (The HR department consists of two people and one of them is an intern, but I just won’t mention that.) The other intern from Italy, Adriana, even went to the length of sharing her brain with me. Incredibly kind, isn’t it?
Today I finally wrote a letter to the kitchen about the chicken-potato-thing. It was on for lunch AGAIN! For the second time this week. I can’t believe they make it at least twice EVERY. FUCKING.WEEK. I am always bringing gingerbread with me to eat it for dessert after lunch, but if there is the evil dish for lunch, I will have to skip main course and just eat dessert. My colleagues already started making fun about my “German Gingerbread Diet”. Haha. They are used to eating crap, I’m not. I seriously can’t understand why they won’t start a riot against chicken and potatoes. They have been working there so much longer than me and they just don’t care. ----
Okay, I’m done laughing. When typing the last sentence, the honey badger clip popped into my head: “Ew, what’s this? What is nasty-ass honey badger eating there? Ew, that’s so gross. But honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit.” Every time when I’m walking into the lunch room and see the hotel staff eating nasty chicken with gross potatoes I have to think of this. And can hardly choke laughter.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention a certain person and his (in my opinion absolutely unreasonable) request: Space lines. Here you go, help yourself.

And now I have a tiny puzzle for you. Imagine this situation:
You are on your way home from the chocolate café, approx 9 pm. You see two police cars which are stopping directly next to the entrance to your house. Two Gardai are jumping out and disappear behind those cars. You see two girls, running away and screaming. You cross the street und you see the Gardai sitting on a man, holding him to the ground. Next to the man is standing a woman wearing a weirdly coloured coat and shouting at the three men: “You must stop doing this!”
Please post your solution below at the comments. The weirdest / creepiest suggestion will win, um, nothing. Best of luck!
Talking of creepy. Jesus is all around here in Dublin. You can’t walk down O’Connell Street without being asked if you think Jesus loves you. Or someone is jumping around the corner and yells at out “Believe in God he will save you” Uhm, no thanks, I’d rather burn in hell. They have roasted marshmallows. And yesterday, when I was walking home, I walked past the bus station in front of our house when I heard five ambulances making noise and driving towards city centre. I didn’t waste further thoughts but then I saw a woman (who actually looked normal) cross herself and mumbling “Jesus Christ let them be saved” Seriously, what do you think those ambulances are for? Bringing Jesus there so he can help those people earlier because he saved time by not having to walk over water?
By the way, this is not meant to hurt somebody’s feelings and stuff. If you feel easily offended just forget what you read.

Tomorrow the finnish girls are leaving and we are so incredibly sad All I can do is emphasize again and again what a great time we had. We didn’t have one single fight neither were we annoyed by each other. I want them to stay Well maybe it’s best to stop thinking about it.
For tomorrow night we invited our German boys so in case the Italian couple is not nice we can instantly creep them away
We already planned to hang Larissas blood-splattered Halloween dress into their closet and we also made a sex noise jar. Just like the douchebag-jar in New Girl. After the couple left, we will be rich. (No we don’t want to torture them by forcing them to stop having sex we just don’t want to be kept awake by … uhm, you know what I mean.) Maybe we are lucky and they are homophobic, so Larissa and me can pretend to … *cough*
Stop thinking that we are monsters! We aren’t. Actually we are the ones whose feelings will get hurt when they make us watching them living their happy couple life while us being in long distance relationships. Sniff.
Okay, and now I’m out of weird stories. So have nice weekend.

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